Friday, March 19, 2010

The bizarre links between Heart of the Witch and The Wizard of Oz

Alicia Dean tells us about the bizarre links between her new romantic suspense, Heart of the Witch, and The Wizard of Oz.  She has also kindly offered to give away a copy to one lucky winner.   Post a comment anytime between March 19th - 26th to win!  BTW - Love this goth cover!

When I began writing Heart of the Witch, a dark and creepy paranormal romantic suspense about witches and a Tin Man villain, I knew some Wizard of Oz references would result. What I hadn’t counted on was all the odd (and yes, somewhat creepy) connections that would come about on my road to publication.
Just as I was finishing the manuscript, I moved, taking a transfer with my job from Oklahoma to Kansas.
 One of the contests I entered before publishing was called the Emerald City Opener. Thing is, I didn’t enter it because of the contest name, didn’t even make the connection myself until I won first place and one of my friends commented on the coincidence.
Not long after Dorchester accepted my novel, I learned a few other interesting tidbits about the Wizard of Oz theme in relation to my book. Ray Bolger, who played the scarecrow in the original Wizard of Oz movie (but was first cast as the Tin Man) was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Strangely enough, Neal McDonough, who played the Tin Man in the Sci-Fi series, Tin Man, was also born in Dorchester.
I hope these links are a positive sign that this was meant to be and good things will come of it. On the other hand, when witches are involved, it’s just as likely to prognosticate some kind of hex.
There’s another Wizard of Oz connection in the book, although this one was intentional. Jay Haleck is one of the characters in Heart of the Witch. His name is a scrambled version of Jack Haley, who played the Tin Man.
Here’s hoping you enjoy my novel and that, somewhere along your journey down the yellow brick road, you find your very own wizard to grant your heart’s desire.
I have a new novel coming out in December with The Wild Rose Press, A Knight Before Christmas. It's a contemporary romance with an element of suspense. It's part of a three book series I'm doing with two other authors, Claire Ashgrove and Dyann Barr, whose books will be out the same month. My agent is currently shopping my latest book, which is a thriller with just a touch of romance.
Heart of the Witch is available through and all major book stores. My other titles are available through You can check them out at my web site: Also, I’m very excited about a new project coming through The Wild Rose Press and Audio Lark books. In April, two of my shorter titles, Truly Madly and Poetic Injustice, will be available as an audio download at
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  1. Hi Lydia and Alicia!--

    This is a gorgeous cover! And, I just popped over to Amazon and read the book sounds really cool. There are so many amazing themes and symbols in The Wizard of's really a great source of literary inspiration.

  2. Loved this, Alicia! Isn't it incredible how the universe conspires to help you sometimes? :) What a wonderful premise - would love to read it!
    And yes, that is a great cover too.

  3. Isn't that funny, all those Wizard of Oz tie-ins. Sounds like a fantastic read.

  4. Hello Penelope...Cate...Dawn,

    Thank you so much for stopping by and for the kind remarks. The book was so much fun to write and the connections made it even more fun. Hope you all get a chance to read it and that you enjoy it. Good luck in the drawing and have a wonderful day!

  5. I loved Heart Of The Witch! Awesome and page turning book, Alicia!

    Faith V. Smith

  6. I too loved the book! And how cool to uncover all those neat connections to the Wizard of Oz! Looking forward to your December release!

  7. To open a book and get sucked into the characters and their goals doesn't happen every time I pick up a novel. But, I did just that when I read your book, Alicia! Congrats on your upcoming releases. I enjoyed reading all the Wizard of Oz connections. Strange and kind of weird...

    Carol Ann Erhardt

  8. What neat connections to The Wizard of Oz! I really don't believe in coincidences, so I guess it was all meant to be. But "Toto, this isn't Kansas anymore."

    Sounds great! good luck with it as well as the rest!


  9. Alicia [though I know you better as Aly],
    how cool is this book and all the ties to The Wizard!
    Much luck to you with this story, the ones before, and the tons to come for you.
    Kathy Cottrell

  10. Good luck with the new subs, Alicia!

  11. Glad to hear you have another book coming out. Congratulations!!
    Jannine Gallant

  12. Congratulations on the release and the upcoming book! It IS a great cover, isn't it?!

    Bronwyn Storm

  13. I loved Heart of the Witch, from the cover to the very last word.

    Are the audio books read by you, Alicia?

  14. Beware the flying monkeys.
    I love the Wizard of Oz!
    And your books sounds like I am gonna love it!

  15. Hi Alicia,
    I loved this book and can't wait for the next one. Does your new thriller have any ties to famous movies?

  16. Hi Alicia,

    I, too, loved your book. I had one of those stay-up-late reading sessions which only happens with books I truly enjoy. Congrats!

  17. Hello Faith, my dear...thanks so much for stopping by and for your continued support!

  18. Hi Leah...thanks for the kinds words. You're a fantastic author yourself...can't wait for your release. I don't have my notes handy, but isn't it coming out soon? I think everyone will love your book!

  19. Hi Carol're too sweet, thank you!
    Yes, it was kind of weird, but kind of cool too. :-)

  20. LOL, Donna. So true. Thanks for the good luck wishes. And, I'm not IN Kansas anymore, so, hmmmm...

  21. Hi Kathy...thanks so much for the good luck wishes. I appreciate you stoppying by.
    Ally/Alicia :-)

  22. Hi Toni...thanks so much. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  23. Hi there, Jannine...thanks so much for the congrats. Nice to hear from you.

  24. Hello Bronwyn, my friend...Yes, it is a very cool cover. I was quite pleased.

  25. Aw, Barabara, what a sweet thing to say. Is your book out now? March was the release month, right? No, the audio books are not read by me. Audio Lark has a narrator who does them.

  26. Hi know, those flying monkeys were really freaky! :-) Yes, I loved Wizard of Oz, too. Hope you enjoy the book! Thanks for stopping by.

  27. Hello,, my latest thriller doesn't have a tie to any famous movies. But, now that I think about it, there's a pretty popular song featured, LOL. Thanks for the kind words!

  28. Hello, Tina...thanks for saying that. It means a great deal coming from a writer as talented as you are. I appreciate you stopping by!

  29. Hi Alicia! I LOVED your book! I tell EVERYBODY I am your biggest fan! I have yet to be proven wrong on that! lol! By the way...I visited your website and it looks almost as good as the cover of your book. What a great way to get exposure. I do wish you the best on your future releases. Just close does a person have to get to you to hear all this exciting news about your upcoming books & such? Perhaps it's info you only share with your family?? :) Good Luck in the future!!

  30. Hello, Anonymous (You didn't sign your post...who are you?)....actually, I haven't even told my family and friends and writer's group about my latest book. It just recently happened and I've barely had time to think these past few days, so I figured I'd share it in the blog first. :-) Thanks for the kudos and teh good luck wishes. I'm so happy to hear you love my book and my web site.