Saturday, November 5, 2011

11:11 and November 11th 2011

I have been haunted by the digits 11:11 for over ten years now. Where ever I went they seemed to follow me around, showing up on dinner checks and clock faces.  Not to get too personal, by my nurse even announced in a loud voice just as my water broke while giving birth to my beautiful child that the time was exactly 11:11.

I thought it was just my own personal thing between myself and the universe or my good angels.  But low and behold, I eventually discovered that this is a world wide phenomena.  There are many websites, books, films and even political movements associated with 11:11.  Go ahead and Google it and you'll be amazed!

For my own part, I just try to pause and say a prayer when ever I see the familiar numbers popping up and I find they creep into my writing quite a bit too.  Cleopatra's Secret: Keepers of the Light does not have 11:11 coded into it, and yet, I feel the very nature of the esoteric teachings of the ancient pharaohs and their priests do have a link to sacred math and geometry.

So in honor of the upcoming day 11/11/11, Cleopatra's Secret: Keepers of the Light will be absolutely free to download on Amazon for that one day only.  I hope you enjoy it!

And next time you see 11:11, I pray you will pause and turn your thoughts to the Light.  Maybe I'll be sharing the moment with you in my own little corner of the world.

UPDATE: Amazon will not allow me to give away Cleo for free.  My sincerest apologies and hopes that my dear readers will have a great 11/11/11 anyway!

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